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        HangZhou Fine Control Technology Co., Ltd.



        Address: Room 810,5 HaiChuang building,No.998 WenYiXi Road,Yuhang District,HangZhou Zhejiang province P.R.C

        ZIP/Postal code: 310030

        Phone: +86-571-87972661

        Fax: +86-571-86492527

        Contact Person: GaoHua Dong (sales manager)

        Mobile: +86-18858639888





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        Brief introduction

        Hangzhou Fine control technology Co.,Ltd. has been established from 2003. We persists the spirits of “science and technology die casting”.Depend on the academic resources of Zhejiang University. We apply ourselves to provide high quality, high-tech monitoring equipment application of the die casting machine manufacturers and die casting production manufacturers.

        With the efforts for many years we have successful developed die casting machine shot parameters analyzer module and die casting machine shot real time servo controller. These substantially increased the automation of die-casting machine.

        Up to now, we have provided complete sets of equipment for many famous domestic manufacturer of die casting machine, and we have been the leader of the intelligent components for professional die-casting machines.

        Look forward to the future, we will persist in the principle of innovation, sustainable development , all-win , and provide the best product for our customer!